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Omaha! Adult Hoodie



Peyton Manning, famed quarterback for the Denver Broncos, can always be found on the football field yelling "OMAHA!" just before every snap.

In an interview in 2014, Manning was asked what it means when he yells OMAHA before each snap. Is it an audible? Just trying to throw the defense off sides? His explanation was perfect:

"I know a lot of people ask what Omaha means..." Manning said. "Omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play-action pass, depending on a couple things: which way we're going, the quarter, and the jerseys that we're wearing. It varies, really, from play to play. So, there's your answer to that one."

And there you have it. Mystery solved.

Get this Adult Hoodie in the colors of the Denver Broncos, complete with vintage distressed lettering.