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Pug Big Face Men's T-Shirt


#8 TM#1033690-1

"HARK, World," you scream from the highest hill. "I, (your name here), have found the fountain of youth and the elixir to war. I have found love, but not just any love, the love of a dog that with a curiously wrinkled glance, could make even the woodsiest of lumber jacks stop in his burly tracks and let out a pre-teen giggle. Yes, World," you say, "I love Pugs"! But suddenly a thought strikes you as if Zeus commanded it. At this elevation, there's no way your message could travel this vast world! Curses! If only there was a way every earthbound soul could see the depths of your passion! No fear, dear pug patron, The Mountain has you covered (literally) with this Big Face Pug Adult T-Shirt. It's Medium weight, 100% Cotton, and pre-shrunk so that all will have the opportunity to experience the love that is pug.

The Mountain