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Secret Hidden Bible Book Stash



No one will look here, and no bibles were ruined either! This book safe is a great hiding spot- A burglar certainly isn't going to stop and read a book while he's robbing you; nor is he going to go through your library collection to see if any are hollowed out like this one is- The velvety interior that lines the hollowed out portion will protect whatever you decide to put inside. You won't be able to tell this book safe from any other book because it's made out of a real book- In fact, it's designed so well, that unless you open it past the first few pages, you won't be able to tell it apart from any of your other books - You can even take this diversion safe with you when traveling - Thieves are looking for valuables, but they won't think to look in a book- A great idea for your home or a great idea to give as a gift.