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Secret Hidden Lipstick Stash Container



Secret Hidden Lipstick Stash Container.
Here at BeWild we sell many diversion safes that look like actual products, but this Amazing Lipstick Stash Container is definitely the most discreet model to date. This diversion safe looks virtually identical to a regular lipstick and can hold money or prescription drugs for emergency use. This lipstick stash can hold up to $100! A single bill fits perfectly in to the storage compartment so your money can stay safe and out of sight. No body would ever suspect the lipstick look alike conceals large amounts of money! To fit any American or Canadian currency simply fold the bill perfectly in half long ways and roll it tight end to end, then place the rolled bill in the bottom portion of the lip stick it in the other half and screw it tight! Your money is now hidden. This lipstick safe goes a step further then any other can safe on the market because you can now hide the lipstick in any place. Hide your cash and Rx drugs in the safe then place the safe anywhere! This item ships in assorted colors.