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Skull & Rose Belt Buckle Ipod Nano Holster With FREE Belt


#14 TF#305-1

Skull & Rose Belt Buckle With Ipod Nano Holster. This is one of the most innovative ipod accessories you can come across! This stylish belt buckle is also a functional ipod case! Keep you ipod connected while keeping it safe in this metal clad ipod holding belt buckle. Your ipod will become part of the design and style of this buckle, and of course you will be able to listen to your ipod, change songs and view the screen just as well as if it where in your hand! This case fits Apple ipod Nano Generation 1 & 2 only. Perfect for men and woman alike, this buckle is finished to look like pewter, but with out the weight and softness pewter is known for. The case holds & hides your Ipod, you ipod can only be seen from the back! . This product is only compatible with Gen 1 & Gen 2 (1st & 2nd Generation) Apple Ipod Nanos.