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Special Effects Hair Dye -Wildflower Purple

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Special Effects Hair Dye -Wildflower Purple. Model Shown has wild flower roots over atomic pink..Special Effects Hair dye is available in 20 delicious semi-perminant colors. Our Amazing cream conditioning formula is made from the finest ingredients on the planet and is never tested on animals. Special Fx hair dye lasts 3 to 6 weeks on most hair. Made in the USA.

*For more intense and longer lasting colors use Punky Bleach Kit *Colors will give a highlight effect to dark hair *Colors will fade gradually with each shampoo

Semi-Permenant Cream Formula.

Generally Lasts 3 to 6 weeks on most hair types.

Lasts longer on bleached or pre-lightened hair.

The most intense, long-lasting, semi-permanent hair color out there.

Conditions hair as it colors.

Not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

Made in the USA.

Mixer/Toner - Perfect for mixing with our Special Effects Hair Colors to make
lighter and brighter customized shades. Can also be used for taking out the
yellow tones out of the bleached hair.

Colors that glow under a black light are the following:
  • Atomic Pink
  • Nuclear Red
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Hi-Octane Orange
  • Joyride
  • Cupcake Pink
  • Bright as F#@$ Yellow
  • Napalm Orange