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Spin-o-Matic Self Cleaning Ashtray

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Are you tired of looking at a dirty ashtray full of dirty ashes and cigarette butts? Are the people around you tired of seeing the ashtray full all the time? We have the perfect solution to these problems. The spinning ashtray. All you do is simply press the black button at the top of the ashtray and watch all the ashes and butts disappear. The secret is in the spinner. By pressing the button the floor of the ashtray drops and spins and all the ashes fall into the bottom. Your ashtray always seems clean. If getting up to dump out the ashtray is a hassel this is the perfect item for you. With the spinning ashtray you might only have to empty once every week instead of every day. Ashtray is approx. 4.5" in diameter and 2" deep.