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Tactical SWAT Gear Dual Torch Lighter


#70 Z#98-338

Tactical SWAT Gear Dual Torch Lighter. Here at BeWild, we have a huge selection of novelty lighters that are both humorous and functional, and with so many lighters to choose from you are sure to find the perfect lighter to suite your every need. This novelty lighter is Tactical SWAT Gear Torch Dual Lighter and is finished in satin brushed chrome with accented black matted jacket. To work this lighter simply push the right button, opening the top showing dual torch flames. This lighter also features a survival compass built into the front. Perfect for camping trips and hikes through the woods. Always be prepared with this Tactical SWAT Gear Dual Torch Lighter. This lighter is the fun novel way to show your fun side. COLORS SHIP ASSORTED! Makes a great Gift!!!