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Tattoo Art Cigarette Pouch with Lighter Holder (For Regulars & 100's)



This cigarette pouch will hold your full pack of cigarettes, hard or soft pack, king size or 100's. Simply insert the entire pack in to the pouch and you are good to go. This pouch will protect your cigarette pack and hold them in style! This pouch is stylishly appointed with stud and rivet accents and is decorated with premium tattoo style art work on the front and back. The pouch also features a lighter holder on the side and a belt hoop so you can attach the case to your belt and have your cigs by your side at all times. Free up your pockets put it on your belt! This case is made of real touch faux leather that is more durable then natural leather and looks just as good (if not better) then rawhide leather! Each cigarette pouch ships individually in assorted styles.