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Japanese Tattoo Sleeves (Pair)


#20 Japanese

Tattoo Sleeves - Authentic Sleeves Brand Pair of Tattoo Sleeves (Japanese) . Sleeves brand clothing is at the forefront of tattoo clothing and designs. Each one of their garments are designed by industry leading tattoo artist and feature quality transparent mesh material that fits skin tight and makes these designs look like authentic tattoos. You wont believe how realistic these look! Even your friends who know you will have a double take! These are the same awesome quality sleeves they use in Hollywood in high definition movie product, so you know they are good! These feature tapered arm lengths so they will fit perfect and a seemless wrist so the material appears to be fluish with your skin. These sleeves feature Japanese designs featuring tigers, lotus flowers and many more japanese influenced art !

Tattoo Sleeves Sizing
  • Size Small: Suitable if your shirt size is Mens size Small - Medium.
  • Size Medium: Suitable if your shirt size is Mens size Medium - Large.
  • Size Large: Suitable if your shirt size is Mens size X-Large - XX-Large.