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Tattoo Sleeves - Inferno Tribal Temporary Tattoo Sleeves (Pair)


#33 TATSLV-1720

Inferno Tribal Tattoo Sleeves

Sleeves brand temporary tattoo sleeves are taking the fashion world by storm. Tattoo sleeves are a fun, temporary alternative to permanent body art. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have fully tattooed arms but you dont want to face the needle? These fake tattoo sleeves are for you! Tattoo Sleeves are made of a special proprietary Dermographic material that makes the "ink" appear to be actually tattooed on your skin. These tattoo sleeves work with all skin tones and effectively blend themselves in with your natural color. Best of all you can change your tattoo style every day with no cover ups, no regrets and of course no permanent effects at all! Just really cool tattoo style. This set includes two matching tattoo sleeves (one for each arm, duh!) You will find our Tattoo Sleeves are better then temporary tattoos because they will not wear out; you can use them again and again and they never fade away. Unisex One size fits all!

These Tattoo Sleeves Feature:
  • Authentic tattoo sleeves designs drawn by world class tattoo artists
  • Dermographic material works with all skin tones
  • Effectively blends with your body giving the illusion of actual tattooing
  • No permanent effects like real tattoos
  • Better then temporary tattoos: Use them over and over again!
  • One Size Fits All, tight perfect fit for everyone!
  • Unisex: perfect for guys and girl