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Snake & Skulls Tattoo Sleeves (Pair)


Eagle#TS106 Snake/Skull-1

Tattoo Sleeves - Snake & Skulls Pair of Tattoo Sleeves. Tattoo sleeves are amongst the hottest trends today. Body art, including tattoos have reached unprecedented popularity and is finally an excepted part of American and worldwide culture. Many wish to decorate themselves proudly with ink designs while others dream. Here today is the first mural tattoo sleeve that is temporary. Sleeves require no pain or ink and feature a simple, instant slide on application. You can now have the same great style, with out the permanent marks of a real tattoo. With so many great styles to choose from here at you will be sure to find the pair perfect for you. Available in 2 sizes, your sleeves are sure to fit you perfectly. You can also use the larger size to replicate a leg tattoo that looks so authentic you may second guess it yourself. This product is great for any time you wish to add a little art to your outfit, including plays and production. Hollywood has been using this technology for years to add character to its actors.

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