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The Human Fund Hoodie


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The Human Fund Hoodie.
Dont know what to give your boss and co-workers for the holidays? Consider a "donation" to a made up charity! They will never know and you don't have to dig in to your pocket!Due to his unconscionable cheapness, George Constanza found yet another way to save money after receiving a gift donation certificate from Tim Whatley. Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts (per normal custom) with his co-workers, when George was given a gift he in turn gave his co-worker a card stating that a donation had been made in their name to a charity called "The Human Fund" (with the slogan "Money For People"), when in fact this organization didn't exist. George had fabricated The Human Fund to get out of having to spend money on gifts. Kruger is told by his accounting department that his company needed to donate some money (for tax purposes). Kruger subsequently gives George a company check for $20,000 and tells him to give it to The Human Fund. The accounting department, after doing some research, later learns that The Human Fund indeed does not exist. Kruger—who is more angry at the fact that George gave him a fake Christmas present and less concerned with the possibility that George could have been embezzling money from the company—calls George on this. When he does so, George becomes flustered and begins to babble on about how he made it up because he didn't celebrate Christmas and was embarrassed to tell anyone. He insists that his family instead celebrates 'Festivus' ("They drove my family out of Bayside!"). Unconvinced, Kruger accepts George's invitation to the Festivus celebration