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Tiger Brand Deluxe Flameless Lighter


#89 Sun#Tig224

What is the most important feature of any lighter? Uncompromised reliability; and that's exactly what you will get when you purchase this premium butane lighter. Watch as this lighter ignites effortlessly time after time, every time. Tiger Brand Lighters have for decade been the choice of those who demand the best, and this Tiger flameless lighter is no different. Fueled by efficient butane gas, this lighter last a long time on just a single tank of gas and is refillable so it is sure to last you years to come. This tiger lighter is flameless, which means the lighter will not retain heat under extended use, making it a safe choice for your personal use. The lighter works by instantly super heating a wire coil and feeding butane gas of the heat source producing a hot invisible jet that will ignite cigarettes, cigars and most any light paper material. Another benefit flamless lighters afford you is its amazing ability to light and stay lite in windy and wet climates. Make this lighter part of your daily routine. With its durable exterior and classy design you will be proud to flash this great new lighter! Makes a great gift!!!!