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Two Flame Torch & Utility Flame Lighter in One


#104 Z#98-48

The after burner lighter feature a unique function not found in any other light: This lighter features 2 powerful torch flames that electronically ignite with the push of a button; when you release the ignition the torch flame turns in to a single powerful flame that is similar to bic. This dual function is great for people who smoke pipes or cigars and also smoke cigarettes. The powerful dual torch flame is perfect for lights large cigars and pipes. The regular flame is great for lighting cigarettes with out using the overpowering torch! Its like 2 lighters in one! To put out the regular flame simply close the protective lid. This stylish lighter is a must have for all smokers. Each lighter features an electronic ignition, wind guard, flame adjustment and is butane refillable! Colors and metal finishes ship assorted.