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Water Proof Stash Security Key Chain



This convenient new key chain is designed to hold and conceal your small valuables, keeping the content dry and sealed from the outside environment. This completely water proof stash key chain is great for prescription medication and vitamins when your on the go. Fold your money in half and roll into a cylinder for you any time you have a "rainy day". You can easily stash up to $200*** in a very small compact area. (*** up to 2 American bills, folded in half then rolled.) So you will always have gas money, food money, bail money or whatever you may need emergency money for. There are so many uses for this item, what is yours? A fuse for your car? A small piece of jewelry? No problem. This rugged key chain will hold up to the hardest blow you can throw at it, and to insure a tight seal every time, it features a rubber gasket the keeps out air and water. a must have for traveling, hiking, boating or vacationers alike. Get yours today!