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White Tiger Big Face Men's T-Shirt


#3 TM#1032521-1

Remember that time you were walking down the street when out of no where this white tiger totally leapt out at you? Of course you do because unless you live in the middle of the jungle it'd be more probable for you to win the lottery. Okay so it wasn't really a white tiger, but a Mountain Big Face White Tiger Adult T-Shirt. And it didn't really leap out at you, rather you turned a corner and ran into someone wearing the t-shirt. But in your defense the t-shirt is super lifelike and the guy was skipping so it was basically like being tackled by the real thing (probably). The point is you remembered that day like it was yesterday (no, it wasn't actually yesterday) which is what gave you the great idea to get one for yourself…and also why you've started to accidentally (on purpose) bump into people you may (probably) be attracted too. Hey if you remember that guy, they'll totally remember you. Especially when you write down your number and sign it "The White Tiger" and slyly slip it into their pocket as you're helping them up. And the best part is it's medium weight 100% cotton and preshrunk, so it will last long after there is anyone else to bump into accidentally (on purpose).

The Mountain