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Xzavier 1942 Birmingham Men's T-Shirt (Black)



Decorate yourself with this Xzavier 1942 Birmingham Men's T-Shirt. Xzavier is a brand whose name says it all nobility represents the privileged. NOBILITY Clothing by xzavier comes at you packin' heat with hardcore designs inspired by the Gothic Renaissance, Middle Age Warfare and chivalry to every man. Be the ruler of you destiny. The NOBILTY by Xzavier Motto: "Show no weakness and prosper greatly from the weaknesses of thy sworn enemies." Whether you are an MMA Master or a soldier in the war of life you will find NOBILTY clothing by Xzavier embraces you to conquer "da grind" of society & assist you in your rebellion of the mundane. Live the royal way of life. Live the life of NOBILITY.

This NOBILITY by Xzavier T-Shirt Features:
  • Premium 100% Cotton Custom Fit T-Shirt
  • Elaborate Front and back Designs
  • High Contrast Immersion Ink Prints
  • Highly Detailed, Intricate Designs are nothing short of wearable art
  • Overall garment is well suited for nobleman and royalty.