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Super Glow Reactive Rave Gloves (Glows Under Black Light)



Super Glow Reactive Rave Gloves (Glows Under Black Light). Put these glove on and get your glow on! No neon party is complete with out a pair of these amazing florescent gloves. Designed for maximum dexterity you will be able to perform at your very best while wearing these gloves. Ravers and dancers know adding a blazing glow effect your your hands during a performance makes you stand out and make your moves more noticeable. You deserve the attention and these gloves will give you the reaction you are looking for. Our neon color gloves EXPLODE with vivid glowing color when exposed to UV light. These gloves are compatible with all other rave toys such as finger lights so you can have an amazing double glow effect. While others dance and fiddle around with toys you will have hands of glory bringing the crowd to you. You choose the color, you choose your toys. These gloves will give you or your dance troop the edge. Experience glowing hands today! Each set comes complete with 2 matching ambidextrous, one size fits all gloves.