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1 Quart Paint Can Diversion Safe


JP#34-205 gallon

This 1 Quart Paint Can won’t paint your living Room, but will stop a thief’s ability to find your most cherished treasures. Safely stash away anything you choose by twisting open the bottom of the container to reveal the secret compartment. These cans are indistinguishable from the genuine product and are even weighted to feel full. The secret to these can safe is that half the paint is removed and a secret stash area in glued in tight the original bottom is screwed on and there you have the best hiding stop for all your cherished private belongings. This cans hide away safe area is so large you can fit a full wallet with plenty of room to spare. Hide this in your garage with the rest of your paint cans and no one will even know the difference.

The Chicago Crime Commission states that a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim's home. Put the odds in your favor...hide your valuables in plain sight. The diversion safes are a unique home-security product. We offer a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms. Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these look-a-like containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each are very similar from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. Inside the bucket, there is a huge 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide secret storage container.