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Konflic Giant Tribal Cross T-shirt (Red)


#37 T764-1

Konflic T2G "Giant Tribal Cross" T-Shirt. Enter the world of Konflic; a place where style rules and only the strong survive. Konflic T2G clothing brings you this full line of MMA inspired t-shirts the are perfect for an aggressive lifestyle. Each battle hardened t-shirt is sure to make look supreme whether you are sweatin' it out at the gym, hittin' the club or takin' the streets by storm. Each Konflic T2G T-Shirt features premium 100% cotton construction, Detailed immersion ink prints all over and are accented by unique metallic ink for a bad ass look that's all your own. Get with it and get in Konflic!
  • High Quality Silk Print with Discharged.
  • We have used Jumbo Screen to print all over the t shirt with high quality designs.
  • Front and back printed.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% Cotton.